Read what some of our clients and associates have to say about HOP®:

“The HOP® program has been a gamechanger for me, personally, as well as for my business, Healthfare Restaurants. I found value in running my business from a plan, building better relationships, mindset, and the executive mentorship helped me focus on what I need to be doing. It created the positive momentum to build a superstar team around me. We have developed a more sustainable model by reducing labour costs by 75% and food costs by 50%. I highly recommend the HOP program for anyone looking to not only get better results, but also a better quality of life.”
– Tim Hoogenboom, President, Healthfare Restaurants

“I would recommend HOP® especially to business owners that want more than just the usual platitudes when it comes to business – if they want to make absolute change and progress, I would thoroughly recommend HOP®.”
– Isabelle Hamptonstone MSc., CEO BTI Corporate Confidence and Pro Athletes Performance Consultants

“For people who want to challenge themselves to take their personal and business skills to the next level, and possibly beyond anything they previously imagined, they need to get involved in the HOP® program.”
– Nancy McGovern, Inventor & Physiotherapist, President of Nancy Ellen Comfort Linen

““The biggest impact…for me…was taking the time to really put my resources and my time into my business – and instead of having all these ideas swimming around in my head – to actually put them down into an actionable plan that I was able to move forward with. I began to re-frame my thinking, with this as the highest order variable. For example, revenue and ad sales are important but as long as we continued to get positive feedback on the editorial and our readership continued to grow and be engaged that was what really mattered.”
– Brandi Schier, Sun Peaks Independent News

“This is far and beyond the strangest position to be in as an educator…is to be running a business. But the aspect of understanding that you CAN do this, that there is the potential to grow. We talk about this with our kids all the time – you CAN do this…you can learn math, you can learn physics…you’re not stuck just knowing what you know. There’s so much more to learn. And yet, as a principal, or as a business person, we fall into that exact same trap where we think ‘well, we’re only teachers’ or ‘we’re only this…’ and that’s not true. We are smart, we can transfer knowledge from one thing to another and so, to me, [Growth Mindset] is one of the biggest things.”
– Sandro Cuzzetto, Principal, Kamloops Christian School

“I would definitely recommend HOP – and the reason I would recommend it is not necessarily for each individual session that you’ll be at, but as a holistic program, to look at where we’ve been at from the beginning to the end –  the progress and the growth has been huge for every one of us in the group…and so sometimes, in some months, might have been a little more frustrating than others, but if you see the process to the end, you’ll definitely see where you’ve been and where you’re going.”
– Kayce Broening, PTSD Battle Plan

“It is our joy to…be an integral part of their programs. The team is first-class and provides leading-edge programs that can help all leaders and organizations.”
– Ed Wallace, #1 Bestselling Author, President & Chief Relationship Officer of The Relational Capital Group