What is the ultimate potential of your leadership?

HOP M-MBA®  is an exclusive multi-mentor business alliance designed to fundamentally transform your personal and/or organizational performance.

Based on leading-edge scientific research and using an evidence-based, results driven approach, this curriculum-style, peer advisory group program re-wires individuals, teams, and organizations from the inside out. The results? Increased productivity, happier workplaces, and a healthier bottom line. We expose you to the foundational drivers of performance that can move your business from zero-to-gradual growth all the way to major performance breakthroughs.

“Start running your business from a plan so you can achieve sustainable levels of
high performance that provide measurable results, supercharge your team, and
increase your team’s motivation. Connect to the drivers of performance and
live into new success principles and techniques.” – Corey Sigvaldason, Founder

The vision you have for your business is one that is based on high performance and strong motivation; though your reality might be closer to one with high turnover, absenteeism, burnout, stagnant or declining profits, low innovation, and a constant stream of workplace issues. Overwhelmed by day-to-day struggles, you may have lost sight of that vision and your higher purpose. You’re likely spending more time working in the business than on the business, and the small, incremental accomplishments aren’t adding up to the exponential growth you know is possible.

If that sounds too familiar, it’s time to break through and enter a new default state.  Step into a strategic, proactive, and deliberate mindset that allows you to get your head above the clouds so you can see the big-picture of your business and move it forward. Our revolutionary High Order Performance (HOP®) model, the foundation of the HOP M-MBA®, is designed to take you from moderate performance and low growth to high-level performance and exponential growth. This premier leadership development program focuses on achieving elite levels of success while improving team cohesion and personal well-being for those team members.

Innovative and all-encompassing, the HOP® Program is an integrated method of personal development and awareness of the human side of business that helps you move beyond the traditional behavioral approach to change. Using our techniques, you can change how your team operates, how your organization performs – you can even change who you are – all from the inside out. Increase productivity and the bottom line by focusing on the areas that are important to you and your organization.

With HOP® you will be challenged to take your personal and business skills to the next level by:

  • Learning the superchargers of performance
  • Adopting effective goal setting, planning, mentoring, and coaching
  • Connecting to the drivers of performance
  • Developing elite-level practices and habits

Grow and be inspired to lead with purpose, confidence, and efficacy so you can realize sustainable and meaningful performance – and better results…and have it all flow with fun and ease. This is your opportunity to learn the practices of the elite and take you and your team’s performance to that next level – to exponential growth!