Corporate Training and Consulting


You’ve tried training…coaching…and consultants but you still don’t feel you’re getting the results you want.  You need to reconsider your approach.

First, give yourself a break and stop asking: “Do I need a coach? Do I need a consultant? Should my team and I take training to get the results we are looking for?” Instead, approach the questions from a cohesive and strategic point of view and determine your next steps through a needs discovery process. Then, develop options and plans on how to achieve the results that a limited and fractured approach of doing “one-offs” can’t provide.

There are a lot of great trainers, consultants, and coaches out there. However, they can’t do everything and, as a leader, you know you’re only as strong as the team and resources around you. This is where our HOP® LEAD services are different. We aren’t limited by our individual knowledge, location, or field of expertise. We’re fortunate to have a diverse and experienced team, the infrastructure, and the resources that allow us to deliver results in the areas that matter most to leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations. We are a team that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether it is a solo-preneur looking to get strategic and scale up their business or a large multi-national company that needs help with team development, new systems, or a revised strategy, we have the background, experience, and approach to get you where you want to go.  Our evidence-based, “pracademic” approach allows us to help you “get out of and above the weeds” so you can see the business from a leader’s perspective – a strategic perspective!  We help you find and set your long-term goals – the destination – and then work it into tangible and actionable plans with the resources and support you need to achieve the results you seek!

We believe you deserve the best

HOP® LEAD Coach-Consultants are committed, insightful, and results-oriented.  But, we are more than just coaches and consultants. Our global team of experts come from various backgrounds, industries, and specializations. They bring decades of professional experience, familiarity with group dynamics, and professional designations and certifications that uniquely position us as champions for individual and team results. By getting to know your story, we partner with you to accelerate positive change, create a “LEAD Transformative Uplift™” in achieving your goals, and will go the extra mile with you to maximize your success.

Making a difference in your work, family, and life

Our expertise is coupled with high-quality programs and services which enables us to offer individuals, teams, groups, associations, institutes, and organizations a range of coaching, training, and consulting services to assist with building and maintaining healthy and productive work environments. These services can be provided in-person, on-site, and/or off-site through video, webinar, or by phone. We work collaboratively to understand the needs of each individual, team, and organization and tailor services that are “just right” for you or your group. Our experienced, innovative, and dedicated team are available to assist with customizing a solution to your unique individual and business needs.

Quit spinning your wheels, stop being frustrated or disillusioned at where things are at now, and end the practice of throwing money at a multitude of things and hoping one of them finally takes off. Take a cohesive and strategic approach!  Take that next step by reaching out to the HOP® Performance Institute and let us help you break through what can often feel like a glass ceiling of complexity.

Services may include some or all of the following:

Customized Designed Packages for Leaders, Managers, Teams, and Organizations

  • Consultation Services
  • Leader and/or Team Development
  • Manager Development
  • Training of Professionals and Set-Up of Internal Programs and Processes
  • Corporate Workshops/Presentations

Sample Services Overview

We work with all levels of an organization on a wide array of subjects:

Strategic Vision & PlanningWorkplace Cultural ChallengesEmotional IntelligenceLife Transitions
Leadership DevelopmentManaging Direct Reports & DelegationTeam ConflictsProfessional Burn Out
Team Cohesion & Leadership ClimateResearch & ReportingCommunicationProcrastination
Relational Capital & Interpersonal EffectivenessOperational Mastery, Systems, and ToolsAssertivenessSports Teams & Performance Systems
Improving Impact & InfluencePractices of Elite PerformersConflict ManagementSales and Negotiation
Creating High Performance CultureIdentifying Gaps, Opportunities, Blind Spots, Strengths & Development AreasTeam CoachingStory Pathing
Defenses & Self-Limiting BeliefsFinancial Management and Internal Control SystemsManaging WorkloadEconomics of Happiness
Project ManagementFinancing & Investment OptionsSelf-Care & WellnessNavigating Politics
Self-ConfidenceTeam DevelopmentTime and Energy ManagementDigital Marketing and Cyber Morality
Developing A Growth Mindset & GritCultural Intelligence & Diversity IssuesSuccession PlanningCareer Direction
Work-Life BalancePersonal GrowthStress ManagementSocial Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship

Send us a message on our Contact Us page outlining your interest and we’ll respond within 24 hours.  Write a brief paragraph explaining why you’re interested in taking yourself or your organization on the next step of your journey!