Month: September 2020

Webinar – September 30th at 1 PM PST “Mental Fitness: How to grow the 3 core mental muscles in challenging times”

On behalf of Mentor Group Ltd, Hop Performance Institute, and Positive Intelligence & Shirzad Chamine, I cordially invite all those in my network and their friends to an upcoming Webinar with the founder of Positive Intelligence, NY Times best-selling author, and Stanford Professor, Shirzad Chamine, as he will be talking about Mental Fitness: How to grow the…
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September 22, 2020 0

HOP Nation Podcast 27 – Pete Cohen “The Inspirator”

01:37 The technology built within us 02:37 We don’t have to settle for mediocrity. The word mediocrity comes from a Latin word meaning …Medius means middle and occurrity is rugged mountain so “mediocrity for me is being caught in the middle of a rugged mountain” 04:14 Who is Pete Cohen? Best-selling author, leadership speaker and…
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September 19, 2020 0

HOP Nation Podcast – Episode 26 – Bill Taylor

HOP Nation Podcast – Episode 26 – Bill Taylor   Bill Taylor’s website: 2:28 Founders story – Bill Taylor from 1LineofSight – From Athlete to professional sales to international trainer 04:50 One Line of Sight & Alignment – What is the charter for our team? What is the purpose we exist for? What are…
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September 12, 2020 0

HOP Nation Podcast – Episode 25 – Philip Whealy 1:35 Founders Story – Path from Musician, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, and Consultant to CEO of tech company – Goal Management Inc. (GMI) 13:56 Faith and Importance in Business, Values, Character, Accountability and Freedom – We can become our potential as “my faith demands excellence” 17:40 True Essence of Great Businesses 18:30 Behaviours and Character– Our…
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September 10, 2020 0