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Through our HOP® Model, with its depth and simplicity, we help clients optimize the results-effort equation so that you create and experience exponential growth in profits, results and impact.


Feeling you are better than current results show?  Don’t remain stuck in a rut! This is your opportunity to learn the practices of the elite and take you and your team’s performance to that next level – to exponential growth! 

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Be Your Own Gamechanger

You or your team might be in a good headspace most of the time, but there are days you simply feel worn down. That’s affecting your performance and your team’s performance – ultimately hurting your financial, cultural, or competitive “bottom line”.

It’ll take work to get your head “above the weeds” – and you’ll get there. Without a solid plan, though, it may take a while. Investing a great plan led by experienced coaches will get you there sooner. On the other side of all of this lies a stronger culture, a grittier, more persistent, and more focussed group, and improved performance up and down your organization.

Go from working IN the business, to working ON the business!

Do the 10Qs Assessment Now

Making HOP Performance Institute Your Partner for High Performance Results is Easy!

The World Class Performance Experience

Step 1

Download and/or submit the 10Qs report– where we get to know you and understand your issues – and you get to know us. 

Do the 10 Qs Assessment now!

Step 2

We perform a consultation to review the report and give you personalized, relevant feedback.

Step 3

Decide on the best program for you!

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