Corey Sigvaldason, ELP, CBB, MBA, PhD Student – The World Expert on High Performance Experts and Founder of HOP®

Corey’s life’s work is researching and teaching individuals, businesses, and organizations how to increase organizational performance and effectiveness. Corey is known for stretching people and organizations to grow into their potential by thinking “WHAT IF…” Corey brings a great deal of experience and energy to his clients. He is a national speaking champion, author, speaker, and trainer.

Along with his MBA, ELP, CFP (previously) and CBB designations, he has been an entrepreneur since the age of 10 and it is still a passion to this day as evidenced by his different enterprises. Corey has been actively involved in technology and innovation for years and helped set up and manage and mentor a business accelerator in his home province of British Columbia, Canada. Corey has helped thousands of businesses over the years start, grow, or sell their business and has worked with municipalities, provinces, and nations and led local, provincial and national organizations.

Corey now shares his experience and knowledge through the HOP® Performance Institute and HOP® Performance Leadership programs worldwide. Corey has worked with a number of clients ranging from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies like Future Shop/Best Buy & PWC and he has worked with a variety of industries from manufacturing to education, from retail to many others. Corey also sits on a number of boards and contributes his knowledge, experience, and network with a number of organizations and mentors many people as part of his passion to change the world.

Corey sees himself as a lifelong learner and to that end is in the final stages of completing his PhD in Management. Corey continues to teach and develop programs as well as head-up training sessions and consulting around the world. Corey is a man that believes in his vision and strives to leave every place he touches better than how he found it.

Kirk Baethke, Diploma in Broadcasting (Hons.), BGS – Expert in Residence, Business Communication

Kirk has been a life-long communicator – starting out by playing with his parents’ tape recorder when he was 2, moving on to winning public speaking competitions at 7, then volunteering at local radio and television stations in his teens.  Subsequently, with an honours diploma in Broadcast Arts in-hand, Kirk embarked on a 26-year on-air career in radio and television throughout Alberta and British Columbia.  During that time, Kirk has gained experience in sales & marketing, new media, website development and management, graphic design, plus management and leadership.

Most recently, he spent 6 years as a Supervisor/Manager with one of Canada’s largest telecom companies.  Over that time, his teams consistently scored at the top of the company’s national departmental engagement scores and he was involved in multiple initiatives to improve and evolve corporate culture.

His expertise in connecting and communicating with diverse audiences, a love of language, a keen interest in sport, plus his managerial experience, have combined to stir a passion for authentic, open leadership and effective personal and organizational communication – two of the core tenets of HOP®.

Andrew D. Gregson, BA (Hons.), MA, MSc (Econ.) – Expert in Residence, Finance, Strategy, and Economics

Andrew Gregson is a graduate of the London School of Economics in the UK, Western University, and Simon Fraser University. After a few years in management in the manufacturing and financial sector, Andrew pursued an operations career.  Several years later, Andrew founded the first of 5 businesses in Canada, including 2 franchises. After 15 years of building successful companies, Andrew sold to follow a career as a business consultant.

For the past 20 years Andrew has used his experience and knowledge to help 80 high tech manufacturers, startups, service, and distribution companies with the tools of his experience – profit generation, finance, management metrics, and above all, pricing strategies to improve cash flow and make a profit.  Andrew has worked in England, Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean.

In 2008, Andrew published the bestselling Pricing Strategies for Small Business which is widely available in the US, Canada, Europe, Russia, and India. The book embodies the experience and wisdom of multiple industries and teaches the owners of small business how to improve profits.  Andrew is a contributor to a long list of business journals, to CBC National Radio, has lectured at multiple colleges in British Columbia and University in Nova Scotia, and is a frequent keynote speaker with business groups.

Andrew has wide industry experience, and the stories gathered in decades of practical experience are brought to bear in his lectures and workshops on business, making them fun and relevant.

Kathy Baethke, BSc, MSc – Expert in Residence, Operational & Administrative Mastery

Kathy has been living the “What if…?” philosophy for a long time prior to joining the HOP® team.  Her early career saw her work in various different industries – medical, accounting and finance, education, with some ventures into entrepreneurship. Over those years, Kathy gained expertise in logistics, organization, corporate structure, and operational excellence.

With an eye on changing the world one small step at a time, Kathy then completed her Masters in Environmental Science at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops.  Her goal was to bring an awareness of local environmental challenges to the public and leave the world in better condition then when she found it.  Her “What if…?” is what could be possible if everyone did their small part to improve the natural world around them.

Within HOP®, Kathy will have an opportunity to share her passions for the environment, for “doing what’s right”, and for organizational efficiency with influential leaders and teams so they can themselves leave the world in a better state.